UN Report: Migration driven by lack of employment, insecurity

UN Report: Migration driven by lack of employment, insecurity


UN Report reveals alarming figures on migration from Armenia.

According to the data of the Migration and Human Development: Opportunities and Challenges program for 2009 of the United Nations (UN) Armenian office, since 1991, about 700,000-1,300,000 people have emigrated from Armenia.

The UNDP commissioned Report shows that migration motivations are the following: lack of employment, obstacles to doing business and the insufficiency of conditions for people to realize their potential and to be appreciated adequately.
Vardan Gevorgyan, co-author of the report, says emigration from Armenia began to gather pace again in 2008. Gevorgyan says that the causes of emigration are not only of a socio-economic nature.

“People also become poor because their rights are not defended: even the richest person in our country may become poor in a month because there is no guarantee for people’s capitals [to be intact],” he says.

The authors of the report suggest developing and carrying out a scientifically grounded policy to avoid new intensive waves of emigration. To curb further emigration, they say, it is necessary, among other things, to ensure satisfactory conditions for working migrants to reunite with families in Armenia and, in general, create better conditions for a more secure life for the country’s population.

More information and full text of the report (in English) are available here: http://www.un.am/?laid=1&laid=1&com=module&module=static&id=1000