Reform: Education minister proposes measures to decrease corruption risks during exams

Minister of Education Armen Ashotyan has announced that entrance exams for Armenian universities will be changed in an effort to cut down on corruption. The November 18 announcement is in response to a demand from Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

The proposals package, called “revolutionary” according to the Government of Armenia official website, envisages, for example, a guide to the Armenian language entrance examination tests. The main tests for the exam will be taken only from that very guide, where both the questions and correct answers will be included beforehand.

“This way we will put an end to the unhealthy mess, which occurred at the previous exams, connected with the formation of questions, and problems related to double meanings,” Ashotyan stated at the press conference after the government session.

Ashotyan says that a mechanism, practiced world-wide, to unify state exams content structure will be defined at all higher educational institutions.

“For Armenia it is proposed to take three exams for entering all higher educational institutions, except for the specialized higher educational institutions – the Armenian language exam, according to the exams guide, a standardized exam of a foreign language, as well as a GRE exam,” Ashotyan says.

“This way we will raise the objectivity of exams, as well as the knowledge level of foreign languages among students. And the third exam, which is also an internationally certified tests system, will allow an estimation of a student’s knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology,” Ahostoyan explains.

Prime Minister Sargsyan approved the anti-corruption action plan drafted at the Ministry of Education.