Trchkan concern: Works on HPP construction are temporarily stopped

Trchkan concern: Works on HPP construction are temporarily stopped

Photo: Ara Ananyan

Several non governmental organizations of “Let’s Preserve the Trchkan Waterfall” social initiative have made a joint statement, saying the construction works stopping on Trchkan waterfall is a way to divert attention.

Last week several members of the initiative set up tents and announced on an open-ended sitting strike at the Trchkan waterfall, protesting against the construction of a hydropower plant (HPP) there by the Robshin Company, on the River Chichkhan. The environmentalists worried that the waterfall will be used only for short-term economic gain and over the years Armenia will lose another beautiful natural monument. Experts cite data showing that the Trchkan waterfalls are the second highest in Armenia and can be a tourist attraction site due to the beauty of the area.

Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia Aram Harutyunyan explained the waterfall naturally runs at 400-500 liters per second speed and said the decision was made that only in case of exceeding this amount it will be allowed to take the additional water. However environmentalists’ treat the minister’s promise with suspicion, wondering how it is possible to control water use only when its speed exceeds 400-500 liters per second.

Robshin, LLC, said in a statement on Monday that it is suspending construction in accordance with a proposal by the Ministry of Nature Protection. The company also said it is withdrawing its equipment from the construction site.

"At the same time we are expressing hope that through further discussions there will be solutions that will reflect everybody's interests," the company's management said in a statement.