Activists resume protests on Mashtots avenue to hinder builders’ work

Today for about two hours a group of activists, consisting of about 40 people, (including students and environmentalists) blocked the entrance of a concrete mixer construction vehicle to Mashtots Park, hindering builders to resume their construction – which the activists say are illegal -- in the green area.

The group is protesting the re-location of kiosks removed from Abovyan Street two weeks ago and replaced in the popular park, already diminished by sprawling cafes.

Police said the protestors violated public order, blocking entrance to the park’s territory, whereas the activists stated that the construction company does not possess a document according to which construction works can be done in a public park.

Two days ago the activists met Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan, who promised that no construction works would be held in the park, because the construction company did not have a license to work there.

Representatives of the Ombudsman Office of Armenia have interfered in the dispute and argued that the peaceful protest did not violate public order.

Today’s action appeared to be a win for the activists, as the construction vehicle did not reach its destination.