Armenian opposition lawmaker protests “illegal imprisonment” of her brother

Armenian opposition lawmaker protests “illegal imprisonment” of her brother


Zaruhi Postanjyan, a member of parliament representing the opposition Heritage party faction, is sounding the alarm over what she claims is a continuing illegal imprisonment of her brother charged with receiving “illegal remuneration.”

The lawmaker and vocal government critic says her brother Tigran Postanjyan, who is being kept in Nubarashen prison should have been released by now, since as a result of the amendments made in the Criminal Code of Armenia on May 23, the article under which he was prosecuted (twice receiving illegal remuneration by a public servant who is not an official) has been revoked. Tigran Postanjyan’s lawyer had presented a petition to the judge in the case bringing his attention to this development.

The prominent opposition lawmaker’s brother, who worked as a leading specialist in the Arabkir prefecture of Yerevan, was arrested in late February. He went on a hunger strike earlier this month to protest “inhuman and degrading treatment” against him in Nubarashen prison.

In response to Zaruhi Postanjyan’s statements, the Prosecutor-General’s Office said that since the case was at the stage of court proceedings, all issues related to it were due to be discussed during a court sitting.

“If the case is in court and the law has been revoked and the judge has received a petition to that effect, then he should have addressed the mater immediately after receiving it,” Zaruhi Postanjyan told ArmeniaNow, adding that according to the information she has the court hearing may be held on June 3.

Postanjyan hopes that at least during the court hearing her brother will be released, since the law has been revoked and no transitional provisions for it have been set, meaning that at this moment there are no legal grounds for changing the charge. Incidentally, the general amnesty approved by the Armenian parliament on May 26 covers Tigran Postanjyan’s case as well.