Speed Check: Cameras prove effective in decreasing violations

Speed Check: Cameras prove effective in decreasing violations


Eduard Hovhannisyan(left) and Hayk Sargsyan

Since January 17 surveillance and speed cameras installed at some busy junctions of Yerevan streets have registered 22,600 violations of traffic rules. Since that date 15 speed and 48 surveillance cameras have been in operation in the capital.

A total of 4,750 notes about violations have been sent to legal entities, penalties have been levied from 1,800 addressees of them.

According to head of the Achilles Center for Drivers' Rights Eduard Hovhannisyan, the violations related to speeding have decreased.

“Now the violations at intersections dominate, they are five times more than the speeding violations,” Hovhannisyan says.

Road Patrol Service of the Armenian Police reports that since January 1, 129 road accidents were registered in Yerevan, resulting in seven deaths, and 160 injuries.

As compared to the same period last year the number of road accidents has decreased by 11.

“Most of our drivers scrupulously pay their fines, because in case of not paying it within 30 days it triples on the 31st day, and in 60 days it becomes five times more,” says Hayk Sargsyan, deputy head of the Road Patrol Police of Armenia.

As of now 145 million drams (about $ 374,000) has been levied from drivers whose violations were registered by surveillance cameras.

Within 2012, 50 additional speed cameras will be installed on Armenia’s highways, in particular on Yerevan-Sevan, Yerevan-Artashat highways; and 15 additional surveillance cameras will be installed in Yerevan’s intersections.