Inclusive Approach: Advocates call for positive stereotypes for disabled people

Although there is some progress in meeting the needs of people with disabilities, a problem connected with public mentality still exists and steps should be taken to improve the situation, advocates of people with disabilities say.

“Women are more active in social, political or business spheres, but the same can’t be said about women with disabilities. The leading posts of organizations connected with disabilities are held mostly by men,” Zaruhi Batoyan, the head of the Union “National Disability Advocacy Coalition”, told media on Friday.

According to Batoyan, women with disabilities are mostly ignored, not being included in state and public organization programs.

“Recently the Mayor’s Office made a huge campaign for women, something which needed by many women. That initiative is very praiseworthy, however still a question emerges about the number of disabled women participating in the observation and whether the services are achievable to the women with disabilities,” she said, adding that the program should include disabled women not only from Yerevan but also from all the provinces of Armenia”.

Susanna Tadevosyan, the head of the NGO Bridge of Hope, thinks that progress is noticeable, however, the changes still do not include the disabled from vulnerable groups.

“It’s evident that positive stereotypes about creating opportunities for disabled people are being created. The society should be more careful about these problems. Let’s adjust our environment to those who are the most vulnerable among the vulnerable.

Inclusive approach implies seeing everyone and including everyone,” Tadevosyan said, adding that a disabled person is mainly associated with the wheelchair.