Targeting Unemployment: State agency announces programs for provinces

Two new programs aimed at ensuring employment and development of animal husbandry have been launched in the provinces of Armenia.

On Wednesday, Artak Mangasaryan, the Head of the State Employment Agency of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, presented the programs to media. One of them aims at providing the unemployed with employment through organizing temporary paid public works.

A total of 30 projects in nine provinces of the country are expected to be carried out within the framework of the program. The purpose is to alleviate social tensions through providing the unemployed with temporary employment and to support communities. The program is primarily carried out in the mountainous and border areas. People with the status of unemployed can be included in the programs.

“We help prefects to overcome problems which are impossible to solve with community facilities. These problems include improving roads, construction of protective engineering systems – shelters in the border regions, protective walls, installation of electricity, drainage systems and so on,” Mangasaryan said.

Maximum duration of the programs is three months. The payment for one day is 5,000 drams (about $10). The amount allocated for the program is $45 million. In 2016 it is planned to implement 8 projects in quarter 1. Currently in progress is one program of the regional committee on employment support, involving 15 participants.

Paid public works are organized in the following areas: social infrastructure repairs and improvement of surrounding areas, improvement of inter-community and inter-community roads, highways, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, landscaping and other activities.

The next program concerns assistance to people in animal husbandry, as part of which a total of 50 projects worth a total of 50 million AMD (about $104,000) are expected to be implemented.