“I” is for Internet: Platform launched to help students stay connected

The presentation of the first Internet website planned to motivate schoolchildren’s web activity took place in Yerevan on Wednesday. The website will give both teachers and students an opportunity to be more informed.

The www.ashakert.am interactive platform created by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Junior Achievement of Armenia educational NGO is, first of all, designed for members of student councils created at all schools throughout Armenia, aiming to promote the councils’ activities in the spheres related to children’s defense and their participation in web activities.

“The website gives schoolchildren an unprecedented opportunity, because it not only gives children a chance to express their viewpoints, ideas, to post photos and information about different events, but also to voice their problems and to address their concerns and suggestions to the decision makers [ministries of Armenia, National Assembly, Ombudsman Office],” says Andranik Martirisyan, deputy chairman of Junior Achievement of Armenia NGO.

Thirty secondary and high schools in Gyumri, Vanadzor and Yerevan are included in the first phase of the program. Fifteen students and one teacher from each school are involved in the first phase and have created the personal pages of their schools.

Anush Manukyan, teacher of Informatics at Yerevan School 132, says that students from their school’s eighth and ninth grades are included in the program (the subject of Informatics is taught in Armenia from the sixth grade).

“Children are very much inspired with the program. They have already started collecting materials to be posted on the website. I believe that such an activity is very important for schoolchildren,” Manukyan says.

Chairman of the student council of Yerevan School 125, student of the ninth grade Edgar Bakhshyan highly appreciates the existence of such a website, and believes that it is a suitable platform for releasing information about their school, as well as for enlarging connections.

“This way we will manage to establish connections with the student councils of different schools. We will have a chance to exchange our viewpoints, to refresh the pages about our school, as well as to report about the significant events which take place in our school,” Edgar says.