Fired university rector says new elections at Brusov illegal

Former rector of the Brusov State Linguistic University believes that the elections for a new rector of the university are the continuation of the illegal actions taken by the minister of science and education, and the participants of the elections are accomplices of the illegality.

“Ten people did not have the right to participate in the elections, because they are officials, whereas, they were supposed to be scholars. A rector’s candidacy is being confirmed by the prime minister, and he must stop the illegalities. The prime minister has to hold the minister accountable and not become an accomplice instead,” says Suren Zolyan, the former Rector of the Brusov State Linguistic University.

On April 17, under Minister of Science of Education Armen Ashotyan’s decree Zolyan was dismissed, based on two strict reprimands that Zolayan got from the minister.

“The minister had no right to dismiss me, because there is a contract signed with me. Only the prime minister was empowered to dismiss me. We have appealed to the prime minister in this respect, however, we have not got any answer from him yet,” Zolyan said.

The administrative court of the first instance of Armenia has refused to accept Zolyan’s claim against the minister of science and education, therefore Zolyan filed his claim against Ashotyan at the Yerevan’s Kentron and Nork Marash Court of General Jurisdiction, which will hold the first trial related to the case tomorrow.

The former rector claims that Ashotyan has violated several terms of the Constitution, and therefore he must answer for all his deeds in the court, which he believes to be less possible, because as of now there is no reply from the respondent – the Ministry of Science and Education – as to whether they will be present at the court session.