Smoothing the Process: ESU convention addresses issue of diploma recognition

The European Student Union 68th convention launched in Yerevan today will discuss the problem of recognition of educational degrees by European countries.

Elizabeth Gehrke, chairperson of ESU told reporters that as one of the most important processes of the Bologna System, it will make the diplomas of students not only in Armenia but in many other countries acceptable by large European countries without additional examination processes.

“Besides, the recognition of educational degrees will help graduates to easily find corresponding jobs in 47 European countries involved in the Bologna Process.”

Still in 1999 29 European countries signed the so-called Bologna Declaration, thus forming grounds for providing the process of closer relations in the field of education and science. Armenia joined the declaration in 2005.

According to the chairperson of the ESU, the recognition of an educational degree implies some processes – the educational system of the country must correspond to European quality standards, specifically the European guidelines of accumulating credits, after which the legal problem must be solved.

“Neighboring countries recognize each other’s educational systems more easily, but states forming a part of Bologna, regardless of their border distances must realize that process,” Gehrke concluded.

The summit organized by the ESU will host 150 delegates from 40 countries; working abilities, equal educational possibilities, and questions of academic freedom in lecturer-student relations will be discussed.