Education: Unified state exams start in Armenia

Unified state examinations combing both exit and entrance exams have started across Armenia today.

According to the Assessment and Testing Center, a total of 11,000 applicants from Armenia and about 800 from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic are registered for the exams that are to be held at examination centers equipped with surveillance and recording cameras in capital Yerevan and the regions.

Today, June 2, school graduates are sitting exams in biology, geography and world history.

The schedule for the other exams is as follows: the Armenian language and literature - June 5, physics – June 9, foreign languages – June 12, mathematics – June 16, chemistry and Armenian history – June 19 and the Russian language and literature – June 23.

The purpose of the unified state examinations is to save school graduates the need to pass the same tests while entering universities weeks later. Thus, they are enabled to use their best scores in exit exams in applying to universities.