Catching Up: Classes missed due to flu-caused school closures to be replenished by mid-April

There are many absences at schools and kindergartens after a three-week extended vacation, says Narine Hovhannisyan, the head of the General Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Science.

During January Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan had twice ordered extensions of vacations in kindergartens and schools acting on recommendations from the Ministry of Health amid an outbreak of flu and acute respiratory infections affecting children as the main risk group.

Schools and kindergartens reopened on February 1, but the Health Ministry called on the staffs to remain vigilant and examine children attending educational institutions every morning before the start of classes.

“Yesterday, absences were around 20 to 30 percent, and that is due to both sick students and the ones who have got better and are just worried about being taken ill again. Three days of absences will not cause problems for children because there is an agreement that these absentees will not be registered,” Hovhannisyan told media on Tuesday.

According to her, yesterday they learned that 10 schools in the province of Armavir do not work because of inability to provide the required temperature in classrooms. “We will have a special attitude towards these schools, an individual instruction on teaching and catching up the missed classes,” she said.

According to her, by April 10, the missed classes will have been caught up by adding one class to the schedule every day, or by having classes on Saturdays, too.

Hovhannisyan also said that heating problems will be solved at the mentioned schools in Armavir and classes there will restart on Monday.