AIDS Day: 140 people diagnosed positive in Armenia in 2015

At present, the number of people with HIV in Armenia is the highest it ever had, Vahan Poghosyan, a deputy minister of health, told media today, December 1, which is marked as Word AIDS Day.

Poghosyan said that since 1988 the number of patients with HIV has made up 2,214, of whom 334 were registered in the course of 2014, which exceeds the previous years’ figures.

He added that despite the relatively large number of people with HIV compared to previous years, they had acquired a lot of experience and made success in treating the disease.

“Thanks to examinations conducted in good time, since 2007 we have not recorded any cases of mother to child transmission of HIV cases, about 1 percent of pregnant women for the HIV rate is low because 95 percent of them, as well as all patients with tuberculosis undergo HIV examination,” said Poghosyan.

According to the data of the Health Ministry, in 2015, 140 people with HIV were diagnosed as having AIDS. Since 1988, a total of 495 deaths caused by HIV/AIDS have been recorded, including 85 women and 8 children.

December 1 is marked as World AIDS Day. The disease is spread all over the world. The main modes of HIV transmission is through sexual relationships and drug injection.

Now, there are 37 million people with HIV in the world. The number of people who are HIV positive is increasing each year by 2 million, and the AIDS mortality rate reaches 1 million.

Currently there is no radical treatment to HIV/AIDS and current drugs can only delay the transition from HIV to AIDS, to prolong the patient’s life expectancy and improve the quality of life.