Sedrakyan Incident: RPA members do not hear “obscenities” in MP/media altercation video

Karine Achemyan, an MP representing the ruling Republican Party (RPA), believes that journalists covering the incident connected with RPA MP Mher Sedrakyan’s hurling obscenities at journalists, and similar scandalous cases leave out more important events from their attention.

According to a number of reports, Sedrakyan on February 19 swore at journalists in the hallway of the National Assembly, in particular, calling them “a herd”. One of the journalists later decided to get an explanation from the MP over his statement, which angered Sedrakyan, who swore at him while entering his office.

A group of journalists held a protest rally in front of the parliament building on February 23, calling for disciplinary action against Sedrakyan. Later on Tuesday, the Republican Party held a meeting to discuss the incident.

Having watched the video of the incident representatives of the RPA, after the discussion, concluded that Sedrakyan had not lashed out at reporters.

Vahram Baghdasaryan, the head of the RPA faction, said that Sedrakyan was just indignant. He also urged journalists to be vigilant in their reciprocal treatment, and “everything will be settled”.

Sedrakyan denies that he called the journalists “herd”, urging them to better watch the video.

Republican MP Achemyan, in turn, also adds that she did not hear such a phrase, and said that an MP is a person bearing high responsibility, and needs to be accountable for his actions, on which Sedrakyan had already spoken to media representatives.

Achemyan also refuted the view that this is a campaign against Sedrakyan directed by a group of Republicans.

“I haven’t seen any contradiction within our political force. There can be provocations, but only external, not driven by internal forces,” she said.

Achemyan also said that she did not participate in the petition against her fellow Republican, because it is incorrect.
“I do not participate in the petition because I was at a session, and besides, I do not think that I should speak to my colleague through the language of demonstrations or petitions,” she concluded.