Pension Protest: Group of metro workers joins drive against controversial law

Several dozen workers of Yerevan’s metro staged a protest at one of the city’s stations to express their discontent with the controversial enforcement of a new law requiring additional contributions towards the pension system.

According to media reports, a group of some 30 workers gathered at the Barekamutyun Metro station to submit their complaint to the administration of the strategic facility. They, in particular, demand that deductions made on their behalf for the month of January be returned to them.

On January 24, the Constitutional Court suspended the provisions of the law imposing sanctions for not complying with the requirement for workers aged below 40 to make monthly contributions to privately owned pensions funds in the amount of 5-10 percent of their salaries before the consideration of the constitutionality of the law based on an application of leading opposition parties in late March.

Authorities and many employers, however, have ignored the procedural decision, arguing that by it the Court has not suspended the enforcement of the law proper.

The kind of attitude has already triggered protests among workers in various spheres. Thus, opera artists involved in a performance boycotted it on Monday and railway workers also staged a protest against the controversial system that day.