Chess: Aronian misses chance at containing arch-foe

Chess: Aronian misses chance at containing arch-foe

Top Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian lost a good opportunity of containing his prime opponent in current chess as he lost to Norway’s Magnus Carlsen on Monday in Round 3 of a major international tournament in the Netherlands.

Aronian, the world’s second best player according to the list of international chess’s governing body FIDE, played with black pieces against Carlsen, FIDE’s highest-ranked player, as part of Tata Steel, an annual prestigious tournament bringing some of the strongest grandmasters of the world in Wijk aan Zee.

The Armenian capitulated after 68 moves, having been on the defensive for an extended time with the Norwegian profiting from an overly aggressive black kingside pawn advance to gain an early advantage.

Aronian’s defeat allowed his opponent to replace him on top of the standings in grandmaster group A of the 2012 Tata Steel Tournament with 2 ½ points. Aronian, who earlier scored two victories in his two opening games, now shares the second spot with two other grandmasters. On Tuesday Aronian plays Gata Kamsky of the United States.

Armenian female grandmaster Elina Danielian, who is playing in Group C of the tournament, shares the 9th spot with two other participants after three rounds of play.

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