Sport: Good medal haul for Armenian disabled at swimming competition in Russia

Three Armenian athletes ended on a high note their performances at an open swimming championship among swimmers with limited movement problems in Russia, winning a total of eight medals during the competitions.

Artak Davtyan, 13, Avag Tonoyan, 15, and Margarita Hovakimyan, 15, represented the Armenian National Disabled Sports Federation (ANDSF) at the competitions in Dzerzhinsk late last week.

According to ANDSF, Davtyan swam 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke and 50m breaststroke, bringing two silver medals to Team Armenia.

Hovakimyan and Tonoyan competed in 50m, 100m, 400m freestyle and 100m breaststroke events, with Tonoyan completing the first sporting category normative of the Russian Federation, and Hovakimyan winning six medals – one gold, three silver and two bronzes, thus also completing the normative for a candidate of Master of Sports of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Federation’s Open Swimming Championship 2011 is included in the international tournaments list of the International Paralympics Committee. It brought together more than 300 athletes from 32 regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. Team Armenia’s participation in the competitions became possible due to the efforts of the ANDSF itself as well as assistance of the Armenian community of Nizhniy Novgorod.

According to the ANDSF, the results shown by the Armenian athletes at the Dzerzhinsk competitions will allow the team to apply for participation in European Paralympics swimming championships due to be held in Berlin, Germany, in July.