Cousteau’s followers: Armenian divers set world record in Northern Hemisphere

Armenian divers have managed to set a world record in the Northern Hemisphere. They were able to submerge and explore the bottom of an Aragats mountain lake located 3,207 meters above sea level.

Although three Armenian divers went only 12 meters deep in Stone Lake, it does not diminish their victory. Member of the Armenian Extreme NGO Chairmanship Board Armine Harutyunyan, who participated in the organization of the expedition, said at a meeting with media that at the kind of altitude diving that deep in a lake can be considered to be a ‘real extreme’ for any diver, as human body is not accustomed to such high pressures.

(The world record in scuba diving is 127 meters).

According to Armenian divers, before that in similar conditions an attempt at diving was made by famous French traveler and ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s team at Lake Titicaca in the Southern Hemisphere (South America) in 1959.

The expedition was organized by the Ayas Nautical Research Club and the Armenian Extreme NGO. The divers were international category instructor Rafael Mkrtchyan, Ayas club chairman, Kilikia Ship captain Karen Balayan, Emergency Situations Ministry special diving group commander Artak Elmasakyan.

The event took place on July 21, at the moment of diving the temperature of the lake water on the surface +5 degrees Celsius, and only +3 on the bottom. The divers stayed underwater for 80 minutes, although there had originally planned to stay there for 40 minutes.

According to Armenian Extreme organization doctor Gevorg Shahsuvaryan, the divers were subject to medical examination before and after the dive and it turned out that their organisms managed to return to normal within only an hour.

Armenian divers highlight the importance of the expedition in the sense that it opens the way for all researches to be made in difficult conditions in the future.