Demavend Challenge: Armenian mountaineering team arrived in Tehran to conquer Iran’s highest peak

Armenian team mountaineers have arrived in Tehran to take part in the International Mountaineering Championship to be held there on January 25-28. The team will visit Iran’s Mountain Tourism Federation to get acquainted with the winter conditions of highest peak – Mount Demavend (5,671 meters) prior to the actual competition, Armenian Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism Federation deputy chairman Suren Danielyan told

Two hundred alpinists from 25 countries will take part in the tournament. Thursday the Armenian team will climb to the camp on the altitude of 4100 meters and on Friday and Saturday will try to reach the peak. The temperature in the mountain ranges from -30C to -40 C (-22 F to – 40 F) making the climb much more challenging.

The Armenian alpinists qualified for the championship after conquering several mountains in 2011, among them Mount Ararat (5,165 m) and Mount Kazbek (5,033m).The seven-member team climbed Demavend in summer, after which it was invited to take part in the winter championship.