Sambo: Good haul of medals for Team Armenia at European championships

Eleven Armenian athletes have won medals at the European Sambo Championships that recently ended in Cyprus’s city of Limassol.

The Armenian Sambo Federation reports that Armenia was among 22 nations competing in Cyprus at the level of juniors, young men and women.

Half of the 22-member team, according to the report, succeeded in winning first to third places at the competition bringing a total of 3 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals to the nation.

The gold medal winners, according to the Federation’s official website, include: Jivan Ghazaryan (48 kg), Grigor Mkhitaryan (52 kg) and Edik Petrosyan (87 kg). Among the silver medalists are: Maxim Manukyan (57 kg), Albert Sargsyan (87 kg) and Knarik Stamboltsyan (40 kg). And the bronze medalists are: Artur Hakobyan (74 kg), Roza Khachatryan (52 kg), David Khachatryan (48 kg), Karen Minasyan (52 kg) and Harutyun Arakelyan (65 kg).

Sambo is a Russian acronym for unarmed self-defense and is a hand-to-hand fighting system developed in the Soviet armed forces. It later grew into a sport that is currently mostly popular in former Soviet and Eastern bloc countries.