Soccer Boss: Movsisyan, Arzumanyan, Kasparov ruled out of national team

Soccer Boss: Movsisyan, Arzumanyan, Kasparov ruled out of national team


Ruben Hayrapetyan, the head of Armenia’s football federation (FFA), rules out that forward Yura Movsisyan, defender Robert Arzumanyan and goalkeeper Gevorg Kasparov will ever be called for national duty under his time in soccer affairs management.

In an interview with the Football+ publication, Hayrapetyan confirmed that it was at his demand that the players have not been invited to the national team by new head coach Varuzhan Sukiasyan, who debuts for Armenia later this week.

The soccer boss has accused the three of lack of commitment to national team play.

“They [Movsisyan, Arzumanyan, Kasparov] have high qualities as players, but it does not mean that the national team should become a place for entertainment for them,” Hayrapetyan said.

After Armenia’s inglorious Euro-2016 qualifying campaign the FFA head lambasted a number of unnamed players over “betrayal” that was construed by some media in Armenia and abroad as a match-fixing allegation in regards to the 0-3 defeat from Albania in Yerevan in October.

Hayrapetyan, however, later clarified that he did not mean allegations earlier also made by some Balkan media that some Armenian players may have thrown the game.

Movsisyan (28), Arzumanyan (30) and Kasparov (35) were among a group of national team players who published an open letter late last year, denying accusations of lack of commitment to national duty.

All the three have been considered as key players of the Havakakan in recent years, with their departure likely to cause frustration among many fans.

Meanwhile, Hayrapetyan said that the absence of invitation to another player, Gevorg Gazaryan, was not connected with his position, but rather reflected the position of the new head coach and did not mean that doors to the team were closed to him.