Prosperous Armenia: List not revealed, but will include “people of experience”

Prosperous Armenia: List not revealed, but will include “people of experience”


Tigran Ulikhanyan

The only agenda issue at the Saturday Congress of the junior coalition member party, Prosperous Armenia (PAP), according to the PAP political council member, will be the confirmation of the party’s election platform.

Speaking about their party’s majoritarian list, PAP political council member Tigran Ulikhanyan says that the candidates will be nominated in election districts on grounds of expedience – if the candidates have reputation, influence and fame in this or that election district.

“There is no need to look for an intrigue over this issue. I understand rumors are being circulated in press, however, there are no agreements. Simply we trust those people who are worthy to be nominated, and who are able to take the responsibility, and later to bear the responsibility at the National Assembly as a lawmaker elected by majoritarian system,” Ulikhanyan says.

The PAP proportional list will be published after the Congress. Nonetheless, Ulikhanyan states that people will see a number of respectable and prestigious people on the list, who have rich experience to do corresponding work in both legislative and executive bodies. Ulikhanyan excludes the involvement of businessmen on the PAP proportional list.

“There will be people who are well-known and are quite respected, and they have no intention to merely change their status. The party will choose them being on their experience, influence and reputation,” Ulikhanyan says.

PAP is a centrist political force, founded in 2004. The leader of the party is tycoon, lawmaker, Chairman of the National Olympic Committee (NOCA) Gagik Tsarukyan, owner of Multi Group Concern.

As a result of the past Parliamentary elections on May 12, 2007, PAP has 24 parliamentary seats. PAP is presented by four ministers – health, labor and social affairs, urban development, and sport and youth affairs in the executive body of Armenia.