Covenant for a New Armenia: Heritage and Free Democrats present joint election vows

Covenant for a New Armenia: Heritage and Free Democrats present joint election vows

Oppositional Heritage party, together with Free Democrats, adopted a “Covenant for a New Armenia” at its Monday meeting, stating the reconciled positions of both parties running in the forthcoming parliamentary elections as a union.

“Within our union, we shall abide by a process of collegial decision-making, in harmony with the political, human, and ethical qualities embodied by Raffi Hovannisian…” the document says in part.

Promising to follow the principle of free, competitive, and social markets in economics and to advocate for a parliamentary model of state administration in politics, the Covenant also detailed the joint position on Armenia’s most challenging issues.

“We believe that Armenian-Turkish relations must be established upon the realization of historical justice and international law, recognition of the Armenian Genocide, and restitution for that Great National Dispossession. The Armenian-Turkish frontier must be opened and diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries achieved without preconditions. If Turkey continues to push its preconditions, however, then Armenia also must bring her preconditions to the table.

A rightful resolution in the matter of the Mountainous Karabakh Republic—Artsakh—must be anchored in the international affirmation of its sovereignty and integrity. As an independent republic, Artsakh must accede to world, and especially European, institutions.”

Touching upon foreign policy the parties stated the importance of strategic cooperation with Russia and comprehensive partnership with the USA, as well as of European integration.