Vote 2012: Parties to set up electoral headquarter; Republicans criticize the idea

Vote 2012: Parties to set up electoral headquarter; Republicans criticize the idea


A declaration on inter-party electoral headquarters was signed at the Union of Political Scientists of Armenia on Wednesday to secure public control during the upcoming May 6 Parliamentary elections. Four political forces, namely Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF, Dashnaktsutyun), Armenian National Congress (ANC) and Heritage Party signed the declaration.
Chairman of the Union of Political Scientists of Armenia Hmayak Hovhannisyan considers this declaration to be an unprecedented initiative.

“Our main goal is to unite the parties’ efforts and achieve the main and most important result – to defend people’s votes,” Hovhannisyan says.

The joint inter-party electoral headquarters (or public headquarters) will create inter-party commissions to check voters’ lists, to secure equal coverage of news, as well as commissions to control the local governments, police and other administrative bodies.

ANC campaign manager Levon Zurabyan appreciated the fact that they had managed to be above party political objectives and to achieve a common agreement.

Deputy Chairman of Republican Party of Armenia Galust Sahakyan, considered the idea of having an inter-party electoral headquarters to be “romantic,” saying that they have begun establishing a similar institution at the National Assembly.

“It is impossible to sign a document on an inter-party electoral headquarters in haste. The rights, duties and responsibilities of the headquarters have not been defined yet,” Sahakyan says.

Zurabyan stated that they do not trust the authorities, and they will not participate in the works done by the National Assembly. Sahakyan countering Zurabyan, says: “And who said that I trust them? Therefore it is necessary not to put the problem on the ideological basis; the task is one – everybody works on having good elections.”