Vote 2012: RPA candidate says “I’d feel bad to win against a woman”

Vote 2012: RPA candidate says “I’d feel bad to win against a woman”


Wednesday marks the fourth day of the official campaign as party leaders continue meeting their potential electorates in different communities.

Ruling Republican party leader, president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan visited a number of communities in Armavir province (for details of his visit see Presidential Promises: Sargsyan says vote for RPA is vote for better future). Meanwhile, coalitional Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) leader Gagik Tsarukyan held meetings in several communities of his native Kotayk province.

In Yeghvard, Nor Hachn and Byureghavan Tsarukyan personally presented the main directions of his party plan, vowing that PAP would do its best to implement all their objectives in a short period of time. As usual, Tsarukyan in his speech prioritized people, working citizens.

“It’s not the officials that should be the heroes of the country, but ordinary, good people,” he said.

The party led by the oligarch businessman prioritizes the development of small and medium businesses (SME). PAP promises to ease the tax burden on SME, provide state support, eliminate the challenges SME are facing today.

“A country cannot be built by charity, the state has to be powerful, the economy should be developed, in order for people’s living standards to improve,” said Tsarukyan known for his numerous charity drives and activities; he further encouraged people to trust them and then demanded: “Your vote determines what kind of country, what kind of state we will have.”

The same Kotayk province will host today two oppositional forces – Heritage party and the Armenian National Congress.

As for the majoritarian candidates, ANC-supported candidate, reporter Gayane Arustamyan, running from Yerevan’s Avan district with slogans “Vote not to lose” and “No vote to the criminal regime”, met the press on Wednesday. Her opponents at electoral district #1 are Republican MP, businessman, president of Armenia’s Football Federation Ruben Hayrapetyan, Heritage MP Styopa Safaryan, and self-nominated independent candidate Arsen Manukyan.

Arustamyan who personally went from home to home checking the voter lists, stated that the number of voters on the lists has been inflated by 7,000 people, among whom there are deceased people, as well as those currently absent from Armenia.

She believes that her only opponent is Ruben Hayrapetyan.

“Or, to be more accurate, my opponent is the ruling party, the ruling regime, against which I have always been fighting as a citizen, as a reporter I spoke against them, and now as a parliamentary election candidate I stand against them,” she explained.

Following her colleague, editor of oppositional Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper Nikol Pashinyan’s example, Arustamyan has invited Hayrapetyan to a debate.

“Let him come out, let us speak, let him present his ideas and plans about working in the parliament, and let the voter decide and elect him or me,” she said.

Hayrapetyan responded to this saying that: “I am lucky not to have been invited by her to a boxing match.”

“There are differences of caliber here: Gayane Arustamyan is a woman, I’d feel bad to win against a woman. I am inviting Levon Ter-Petrosyan to a political debate,” Hayrapetyan told Aravot daily.