Vote 2012: RPA wants better environment; Dashnaks, stop migration; ANC, change the power

Vote 2012: RPA wants better environment; Dashnaks, stop migration; ANC, change the power


As the official campaign has moved to its second week political parties in Armenia continue their visits to the provinces. The ruling Republican Party under the leadership of president Serzh Sargsyan went south and paid a visit to Syunik; the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun went to the northern province of Shirak; the Armenian National Congress visited a central province of Ararat; meanwhile coalitional Prosperous Armenia went to the west and visited Armavir province.

The president and leader of the Republican Party (RPA) killed two birds with one stone and combined his working visit to Syunik with campaign propaganda.

“RPA is a powerful party that’s consistently consolidating its strong perception of fatherland. The message we are spreading all across the country is to believe in yourselves, because, first of all, we have an unconditional belief in our people, our nation, and the capacities of our state, and secondly, our country needs that power today more than ever – in order to change,” president Sargsyan said in Syunik.

Interestingly, at border town Agarak which has copper and molybdenum mines, the president talked about environmental issues, saying that the state control over the environmental protection standards will be tightened, making use of Europe’s experience in this sphere.

“We have to carefully use the natural resources granted to us by God, and calculate so that not only today’s needs are covered but also those of our future generations. We will watch closely and make sure that the state-established requirements concerning air and water pollution control, preservation of green areas, garbage collection and recycling are strictly met. Without proper environmental approach no project will be implemented in our country, be it business or urban development,” he vowed.

According to Sargsyan, adequate and proper protection of the environment would multiply Armenia’s development chances in the spheres of agriculture and tourism. Speaking about agriculture, he singled out the irrigation issue assuring that infrastructures will be improved and expanded to minimize the waste of water resources. He also spoke about the plans for education and presented what is being done for the North-South highway project.

Representatives of oppositional Armenian National Congress (ANC) met their potential electorate in Ararat and mostly criticized the ruling RPA with the main focus on migration and unemployment. ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan said the congress wants to come to power in order to return the people’s right to vote. He said if after gaining power they fail to keep their promises and make mistakes “let them kick us out as well”.

ANC member, former military prosecutor Gagik Jhangiryan declared in turn that the first thing ANC wants to do once in the parliament is prepare for a change of power.

“Our priority is as follows: we want ANC to have a serious, weighty presence in the parliament so that we are able to make the change of power in the presidential elections a feasible goal,” he said.

Dashnaks, in their turn, spoke about the migration issue during their meeting with residents of Shirak province.

“The cumulative effect of these authorities is the migration that has reached an unprecedented scale. The authorities during the reign of which this migration gathered momentum cannot be the one to stop it. It cannot be achieved by distributing jam and marmalade, by cheating people, by giving out 5,000-10,000 drams (around $13-$26), and saying come vote for us and everything will be alright. We have done that before. A political force which has to first change itself before it can change anything in this country, cannot speak about changes,” Dashnak Armen Rustamyan said criticizing the current authorities.