Vote 2013: Opposition bloc refuses to take part in presidential race

The opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) on Thursday announced that it will not take part in the upcoming presidential election as it considers any participation “meaningless”.

The statement follows a decision by ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan not to stand for president in the February 18 vote that was made public earlier this week.

In a statement the opposition bloc said that participation in the “travesty” of the election or support for any other candidate would only promote the “legitimization of the illegal regime.”

The ANC accused the current government of “consistently destroying any possibility of democratic and competitive elections” and “perfecting the vote-rigging machine” in Armenia in the past five years.

“Despite strong pledges given to the public in Armenia and the international community the elections to the Yerevan municipality in 2009, the parliamentary elections in 2012 and all elections to local government bodies held during this period have been rigged,” charged the ANC, arguing that any possibility of changing power by means of elections is excluded in Armenia.