Vote 2013: Official campaign launches with songs (“dances” yet to come), promises, slogans

The 2013 Presidential election campaign officially launched today in Armenia to last till February 16. During the coming 28 days the eight candidates will use different techniques – meetings with their electorates, TV advertisement, and other – to try to convince voters why he should be the one to take Armenia’s top position and lead the country.

The campaign has been launched, one could say, by incumbent president Serzh Sargsyan, whose official site ( opened right at midnight, presenting his campaign platform, interviews, speeches, as well as his campaign video, which – within hours – has raised heated discussions on social networks. Many insist that the video shows things that are far from reality and that the video in general is in bad taste. The campaign song is authored by member of presidential staff, lawyer and composer, Albert Abgaryan, and performed by a number of popular Armenian singers. Candidate Sargsyan has a meeting scheduled for tonight with Yerevan’s Avan district residents. His slogan for this campaign is “Towards A Safe Armenia”.

Heritage party leader Raffi Hovannissian’s campaign, with a slogan “It is Possible”, started in the center of Yerevan, Freedom Square, where he met with reporters and voters. His official campaign site ( will open on January 22.

Azatutyun (Freedom) party leader, former prime-minister Hrant Bagratyan is launching his official campaign meeting his potential electorate in Ararat province’s Upper Artashat village. His campaign website (, too, has his election platform, information about meetings, interviews, etc. As opposed to the incumbent president, Bagratyan hasn’t ordered a campaign video, instead he has posted a video-material with him quite skillfully performing “Midnight Blues” on guitar. He has several slogans “Only 100 steps”, “Let’s turn Armenia into motherland” and “Armenia is not just Yerevan”.

Political analyst Andreas Ghukasyan, heading Radio Hye, as declared earlier, has launched his campaign with an indefinite hunger-strike. His “strike camp” will be in front of the National Academy of Sciences, with a slogan “End to Fake Elections” written on a poster. He claims that the incumbent president is an unscrupulous opponent and says he will end his hunger-strike only when the Central Election Commission reconsiders its decision and bans Sargsyan’s participation in the presidential race; either that or in case international observers declare Armenia an undemocratic country and terminate their observer mission.

Epos expert Vardan Sedrakyan met reporters on the first day of the campaign. This candidate, whose slogan is “There is God High Above”, isn’t planning tet-a-tet meetings with voters and will send his message through TV advertisement, press conferences, statements and booklets.

Paruyr Hayrikyan, president of National Self-Determination Union, will be meeting European observers today to signal the start of his campaign, and his supporters will distribute booklets. He is running for the office with a slogan “Faith by Actions”. When opening Hayrikyan’s official website ( one can hear the song of fighters for independence authored and performed by him: he wrote the song in 1974 while in KGB prison.

Former foreign minister of Nagorno Karabakh Arman Melikyan has heralded his campaign with a statement demanding from the authorities a release of accurate information about the number of voters absent from the country. Chairman of Azgayin Hamadzaynutyun (National Consent) party Aram Harutyunyan has not given details on how he will start his campaign.