Election body says all posters in wrong places removed

All the campaign posters of presidential candidates have been removed from the places where they should not be under law, and the campaign headquarters have been moved from the administration building in the village of Tegh, the Central Election Commission (CEC) said in a statement.

Reports about wrong placements of campaign posters in a number of areas of Armenia have been in the media lately. The matter has also been raised by presidential candidate Raffi Hovannisian, who went as far as tearing some of his own campaign posters that he said had been placed where the law does not allow them to be.

Hovannisian, who also visited the village of Tegh (the ancestral village of his election rival and current head of state Serzh Sargsyan) in the Syunik province as part of his current campaign, also noted similar violations there. Other reports said that a local leader’s administration office hosted Sargsyan campaign headquarters, which is also against the law.

Sargsyan and his election aides on several occasions denounced what they described as ‘disservice’ to their campaign in the form of misuse of administrative resources and government facilities.