Decision 2013: Exit polls to offer glimpse of voter activity

Decision 2013: Exit polls to offer glimpse of voter activity


The Armenian Sociological Association (ASA) and Gallup International Association are holding exit polls in Armenia as commissioned by ArmNews TV to survey the public sentiments over the ongoing presidential elections and give a general outline.

According to ASA, the exit polls are being held at 32 polling places in Yerevan and 122 in the rest of Armenia, surveying citizens who have cast their votes. The interviewers approach every seventh random voter upon their exit from the polling station and are asked to anonymously fill a questionnaire.

Exit polls are a popular tool used worldwide in democratic elections to gauge voter activity and to cross-check the accuracy of official vote count. .

More than 300 people in Yerevan and regional precincts have started surveying voters and will continue until 8 p.m. when the polling stations close. The results will be announced by ArmNews, before the Central Election Commission announces the first preliminary results.

In 2012, during the parliamentary elections 22,410 voters participated in the exit polls commissioned by Armenia TV; 53.65 percent among them responded, while 46.35 percent refused to answer.