Decision 2013: Exit poll shows Sargsyan winning second term of presidency

Exit polling of Monday’s presidential election in Armenia conducted by the Baltic Surveys/Gallup Organization indicates an expected victory for the incumbent, who is leading by a margin enough to earn reelection without a runoff.

Estimations by the polling agency based on interviews of 19,130 voters at 122 polling precincts throughout Armenia show that President Serzh Sargsyan has the support of 58 percent, with his closest competitor, Raffi Hovannisian, polling 32 percent.

Hrant Bagratyan and another opposition candidate, Paruyr Hayrikyan, get 3 percent of the vote, according to the exit poll that had been commissioned by ArmNews TV and published by the channel shortly after 8 pm.

The three other candidates, including Radio Hay director, political analyst Andrias Ghukasyan, ex-foreign minister of Karabakh Arman Melikyan and non-partisan specialist in epic studies Vardan Sedrakyan, have one percent of the vote. Another one percent of respondents said they had spoiled their ballot papers.

A similar exit poll conducted at the last parliamentary elections in May 2012 proved to have a margin of error of 1-1.5 percent in relation to the official results announced by the Central Election Commission.