Decision 2013 Part II: Hovannisian-Sargsyan talks produce no immediate news amid continuing post-election standoff

Opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian, who is disputing the outcome of the Monday presidential election officially giving victory to President Serzh Sargsyan, said after talks with the incumbent at the Presidential Residence on Thursday afternoon that he will present details of the discussion tomorrow, at a rally in Liberty Square, at 5 pm.

The leader of the opposition Heritage party, who officially polled close to 37 percent of the vote in the ballot, as opposed to Sargsyan’s official count of about 59 percent, was meeting with the president for more than two hours to discuss a way to end the current post-election dispute in which he demands a “transfer of power to the people”.

“It is not Serzh versus Raffi,” he said after leaving the presidential residency at about 3 pm today. “We are committed to our victory and the Armenian people will have their victory tomorrow in Liberty Square at 5 pm.”

Hovannisian declined to give more details of the talks, again urging all to come to what he said would be an authorized rally tomorrow.