Ter-Petrosyan acknowledges Hovannisian’s election ‘victory’, says oppositionist still lacks plan of action

Leader of the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) Levon Ter-Petrosyan described Raffi Hovannisian as the winner of the February 18 presidential ballot that election officials say was won by the incumbent president.

But addressing the special convention of the Armenian National Movement (ANM), a key ANC member, held over the weekend Ter-Petrosyan said for now he saw no plan of action from the oppositionist, but only people’s willingness to stand up for their votes.

“I see words, I see speeches, but there is no action, no plan of actions,” he said while addressing his supporters at a meeting during which the ANM was officially renamed ANC in a move to regroup opposition forces for further political activities.

While stopping short of explicitly joining the Hovannisian campaign for the “people’s victory”, Ter-Petrosyan still emphasized that many of the people attending the Heritage Party leader’s rallies were members of the ANC.

Hovannisian on Sunday held one of the largest of his post-election rallies (not sanctioned by Yerevan’s municipality in advance) disputing the official outcome of the vote. He indicated that he was going to continue to gather people for more public rallies in the time to come.

The opposition leader said he would be touring Armenian provinces before holding the next “authorized” rally in Yerevan on February 28.