Pashinyan calls for “new government” to be appointed by “president-elect” Hovannisian

Pashinyan calls for “new government” to be appointed by “president-elect” Hovannisian


Nikol Pashinyan, a dissident member of the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) who has publicly supported the current movement of fellow opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian against the official results of the February 18 vote, has called for the appointment of a new government as an effective step in the post-election fallout.

As Hovannisian, the official runner-up in the ballot giving victory to incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan, called on his supporters on Sunday to continue their struggle for “people’s victory”, Pashinyan published on his website what he believes could be a program of action to implement change.

Pashinyan, who played a key role in the post-election developments five years ago when 10 people were killed after security personnel had been brought in to quell the riots, said that “according to the Armenian legislation Raffi Hovannisian is to assume his office on April 9, but before it, his main job is to form the new government.”

In his article Pashinyan, who is a lawmaker with the ANC parliamentary faction, insists that Hovannisian must undertake steps typical of winners rather than defeated candidates. He made it clear that he did not want a position in the Hovannisian “government”, but would be happy to be an ordinary citizen under legitimate authorities.