Decision 2013: Opposition leader rejects final election results, set to continue BAREVolution campaign

Decision 2013: Opposition leader rejects final election results, set to continue BAREVolution campaign


Opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian has rejected the final results of the February 18 presidential election published on Monday to certify that President Serzh Sargsyan’s has been reelected with more than 58 percent of the vote.

Hovannisian, who according to the Central Election Commission (CEC), polled nearly 37 percent of the vote, believes victory has been stolen from him. He has held public rallies in recent days to press Sargsyan to accept “the victory of the people” and step down.

“CEC members must be brought to responsibility in the strictest way for their clearly unlawful and antidemocratic behavior. Possessing the entire information, they have done nothing, and, therefore, they must bear responsibility for that,” emphasized Hovannisian at a press conference held shortly after the announcement by the election body.

Hovannisian did not exclude that he would appeal the final election outcome at the Constitutional Court to where he is eligible to apply until March 2.

The opposition leader said he was also angered by ruling Republican Party spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov’s warning that if he, Hovannisian, “continues like them” they will have to publish details of his conversation with President Sargsyan that took place last Thursday.

“Shame on those who are trying to threaten me with publishing some recordings. I am demanding now, let them publish this video in full,” said Hovannisian, banging his fist on the table. He demanded that the state authorities also publish recordings of all riggings and violations during the past elections.

Presenting certain details of the conversation, Hovannisian said that he was offered to fight for a political majority and presidency in 2017-18, which he said he rejected.

“It was a very friendly meeting held in an atmosphere of mutual respect, I told Sargsyan that he did not win, but that he also had a great contribution to the Artsakh (Karabakh) war, and I told him that he drank a champagne a little too soon,” said Hovannisian, repeating that all of his offers of compromise, including the possibility of holding a repeat presidential election or snap parliamentary elections based solely on a party representation principle, had been rejected by Sargsyan and that neither he nor the president came up with proposals regarding political posts.

The opposition leader also said that he will resume his visits to the regions tomorrow “to say hello to the people and express his gratitude to them for their being masters of their rights.”

Last week Hovannisian announced the launch of a peaceful campaign that he termed BAREVolution, a blend Armenian/English word meaning the revolution of greetings, which is takeoff on the opposition candidate’s campaigning methods, as he spent the campaign walking door-to-door to businesses and greeting people in the streets.