Decision 2013: Armenian opposition leader rallies support for Barevolution campaign

Decision 2013: Armenian opposition leader rallies support for Barevolution campaign


After touring the regions for several days as part of his nationwide campaign to rally support against the outcome of last week’s presidential election, official runner-up, Raffi Hovannisian, has again gathered thousands of his supporters in Yerevan to insist on his being “de jure” elected president of Armenia.

At the rally in the Armenian capital’s Liberty Square on Thursday, however, Hovannisian dropped more hints about a possible protracted nature of his revolution of greetings, or Barevolution, calling for resignations of officials in villages, towns, provinces, universities, who have opposed the people’s will, and finally at 26 Baghramyan Street, the official seat of the incumbent president, Serzh Sargsyan, who was certified as the winner of the February 18 election earlier this week.

The Central Election Commission on Monday announced the final results of the ballot, suggesting that Hovannisian polled close to 37 percent of the vote, as opposed to nearly 59 percent given for the current head of state.

“This struggle may take a day, a week, a month or a year. Are you ready for it?” Hovannisian asked an enthusiastic crowd.

The 53-year-old U.S.-born politician, who publicly announced his decision not to continue as leader of the Heritage party anymore during the current movement in view of its cross-party nature, also practiced a little bit of “crowd democracy” by asking people to approve or decline some key proposals by a show of hands.

Among the issues were whether or not to seek the annulment of the presidential ballot at the Constitutional Court and whether to start forming a shadow government as proposed by one of the allies of the movement.

Hovannisian said they will consider the results of the people’s vote in taking the final decisions that he said along with other important statements will be made public at another authorized rally on March 2.