Decision 2013: Hovannisian hints at snap parliamentary election demand

Raffi Hovannisian, a defeated opposition presidential candidate conducting a hunger strike in Yerevan, has hinted at the possibility of accepting early parliamentary elections as a compromise solution in the ongoing post-election standoff.

At a press conference in Liberty Square, the venue of his continuing protest, Hovannisian said that he still expected President Serzh Sargsyan, the certified winner of what the opposition considers to be a fraudulent election, to visit him in the days or weeks ahead and offer a solution to end the current ‘all-national’ crisis.

“But this should be a complex, integral, immediate and guaranteed solution that I will be able to report to the people to end this standoff,” warned Hovannisian, hinting that if all mentions conditions were met the solution could as well be something other than “withdrawal” that he has demanded from Sargsyan of late.

Hovannisian already met with Sargsyan at the presidential compound on February 21, three days after the election, but afterwards he said all of his proposals, including the one regarding snap parliamentary elections to be held immediately and according to an all-party list principle had been rejected by the current head of state.

In his further remarks elaborating on the possible way-out, the opposition leader today urged all minority parties to give up their parliamentary mandates.

“Because early parliamentary elections will be held soon and those who are a minority will become a majority tomorrow,” stressed Hovannisian.